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James E. Snelling – The Jaded EnemyThe Jaded Enemy is an ambitious project by James E. Snelling – a series of 6 Graphic Novel paperbacks; with each panel created as a separate, large format oil painting.

Or, as his website ( puts it - “an adventure told in a thousand oil paintings.”

I've seen two of them in the flesh (so to speak), and was mightily impressed – not just with the scope and audacity of this undertaking, but with the actual paintings, which would well stand on their own, at full size. Once he has finished the herculean task of creating the planned 6 Graphic Novels he really should present the entire story as an exhibition; although the size of venue required to hold such an event might well prove prohibitive...

The story, as far I can tell from the first issue, concerns the interactions (not very friendly ones, the story insinuates) between humans and elves, in, what appears to be, the decline of the elven empire.

After a short introduction (illustrated not in oil paintings, but in black and white woodcuts) we follow a young woman, in what I would call communion with nature. We learn that she is a witch, that she has the ability to speak to animals, and is warned of trouble ahead. She then observes how an older witch is being taken away (with no reaction from the subdued 'normal' humans) by a troop of elves – who, despite having the upper hand, seem to also fear her.

I'm not going to spill more of the story, or rather the beginning of the story arc which will span all 6 volumes, I presume; we learn a little bit about witches, and we learn a bit more about the elves, and their politics. The elves are clearly an old, noble, stratified society, but appear haughty, if not snootly and querulous. And, as always, they are dangerous, to themselves but especially to humans...

This is a gorgeous and large scale project, and I can only encourage everybody to support James in his endeavour. The book is available through all the usual outfits as well as from the author's website (recommended, option, for obvious reasons). You can also buy an Early Bird Kit from him, which is essentially a pay-now-get-goods-later for the rest of the series, with a number of extra goodies thrown in.


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Title: The Jaded Enemy

Author: James E. Snelling

Series: Jaded Enemy

Series Number: 1/6

Reviewer: Markus

Reviewer URL:

Publisher:  Perilous Idol Publication

Author Website:

Publication Date: August 2012

Review Date: 130123

ISBN: 978-0955626319 

Price: UKP 

Pages: 40

Format: Graphic Novel

Topic: Fantasy

Topic: Fairies and Witchcraft


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