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Ok, here's an older one for the fans and aficionados: 

Are You For 86? is a Leggy Starlitz short story by Bruce Sterling - this time helping radical feminist pro choice phone phreak activists to smuggle a French developed abortion pill through a Japanese female rock band in Salt Lake City. And if you think this sounds - over the top? messy? too many idea per sentence? then you'd be spot on. Like other Leggy Starlitz stories this has any number of funky concepts, improbable developments, and fascinating ideas sparkling off it, as hit and miss as such a sintered composition can be, of course.

Although, IMHO, this is just a riotous fun as all the other Leggy Starlitz stories I've read, so do give it a go, and don't be deterred by its age.

The picture on the right is the Mormon Meteor, as referenced in the story (the Wikipedia article linked below has a picture of the Duisenburg Special instead - this is the Mormon Meteor II)

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