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  1. Will also offer them as-a-service to other bit barn operators

    The Japanese operations of NTT Data will deploy datacenter-monitoring robots in 15 of its own facilities, then offer them as-a-service to customers.…

  2. Don't worry, Redmond hasn't gotten its hands on the agency's coffers yet

    The future of meteorological simulation and forecasting may well be bound for the clouds — well, cloud datacenters anyway. …

  3. PRC and chums see open-source chip architecture as safer alternative to Arm

    China is reportedly leaning on domestic tech giants Alibaba and Tencent to design RISC-V chips as part of the country's efforts to insulate itself from the effects of the United States' growing silicon sanctions.…

  4. Telematics program doesn't just give you music, but a big security flaw

    Sirius XM's Connected Vehicle Services has fixed an authorization flaw that would have allowed an attacker to remotely unlock doors and start engines on connected cars knowing only the vehicle identification number (VIN).…

  5. Lift-off postponed for 'additional pre-flight checkouts'

    SpaceX postponed the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket, carrying a lunar lander and rover built by a private Japanese aerospace company and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency rover to the Moon, by one day.…


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