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  1. Attempting to save aquatic life trapped in old fishing nets, divers uncover a hidden treasure

    Divers clearing out a sprawl of abandoned fishing nets stuck in the Baltic Sea discovered more than they bargained for when they spotted an Enigma Machine, a device that encrypted secret messages used by the Germans in World War II.…

  2. So here's LAMBDA to make custom functions out of those formulas

    Microsoft will let users create custom functions in Excel using the number wrangler's own formula language.…

  3. Sitting comfortably? It's an Azure Purview Preview

    Microsoft has teased Azure Purview, a tech built to deal with customers' data compliance and governance requirements by verifiyng the presence of sensitive information without users having to eyeball the stuff first.…

  4. Expert advice on how to combat one of the most dangerous online threats

    Promo With the COVID-19 pandemic leading us all to depend on online services like we never have before, a DDoS attack that takes operations offline can have very serious and long-term consequences for a business. Add to this the huge surge in DDoS attacks this year, with assaults getting bigger, more powerful and disruptive, and it’s clear security leaders need to urgently get to grips with how to deal with them.…

  5. Deferred prosecution agreement offered to Meng Wanzhou

    US prosecutors have reportedly offered Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou a deferred prosecution agreement. If accepted, the deal will have charges deferred and eventually dismissed, but will require Meng to admit to wrongdoing.…


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