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From Imagination to Reality - Convention?


From Imagination to Reality

17-18 September 2011

The British Interplanetary Society will be holding this event at the Walton Hall Campus of the Open University, Milton Keynes

A draft programme of events can be found at the link below - to book you place and receive an early bird discount go to:

Roz Kaveney - Twelve Steampunk Sonnets have posted 12 Steampunk Sonnets by Roz Kaveney, Guest of Honour (and Poet Laureate) at Illustrious, this year's Eastercon (UK National Science Fiction convention), and I found them very readable and enjoyable; regardless if you are in the midst of Steampunk fever, or feel that the fad has really run its course by now.

Click here for the Sonnets

The picture on the right is only related to this in my head (via Google image search - so other people's heads, and some piece of sofware, duplicate this leap) - it's a piece of art (a Pocket Watch Necklace) from Jezebel Charms, and rather, er, charming I though.

The Wormworld SagaThis looks very very promising indeed - gorgeous graphics, and, telling from the first chapter now online, a great, and excellently told story.

Spread the word, donate, and most importantly, READ!


1st Chapter

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